Harvest Moon_Oct.jpg

Published by 86 on October 11th, 2009 at 03:17 p.m..

Photo taken on Sunday 04 October 2009 in Leeds, West Yorkshire. U.K.

[Digital Photo Camera]
CANON EOS 450D - Canon EOS 450D

[Without telescope]
_ - -

Canon EOS 450D + Opteka 500mm Catadioptric Lens + T mount 2x Convertor. Fully manual, tripod mounted with mirror lock up and cable release, other info is on the pic as the camera cannot record full EXIF data with this lens attached. The shot is the whole 450D sensor image area which has been reduced down to 25% of the original size. This is almost a SOOC image apart from a handful of Sharpening and High Pass Filter.


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